Hard Chrome Plated Piston Rods/Bars

CK-45/AISI C1050, AISI C1060, AISI 4340 (SAE)

Tolerance : ISO f7, f8
Straightness : 0.1/1000
Surface Roughness : Ra 0.2 Microns or Better
Chrome Plating Thickness : 25 Micron minimum
Chrome Layer Hardness : > HV-900-1150 (67 HRC)
Ovality Tapre/Lobing : According to ISO f7, f8
Sizes : Dia 12mm to 40mm X 3000mm Long
              Dia 45mm to 200mm
              X 6000mm to 10,000 mm Long
Other Dimensions/Designs on Customer's Demands
Hollow Hardchrome Plated Rods

Hollow rods are manufactured for use in telescopic cylinders and special machines as per design/drawings of customers. These cylinders are sections of steel tubing with successively small diameter nest inside each other.

Chrome Deposit Characteristics

JSSI have the most modern plant where state-of the art technology is used. The process employed by us produces deposits, which are harder, smoother, brighter and more durable. These deposits exhibit superior performance characteristics in terms of corrosion resistance and wear resistance compared to deposit plated out of conventional Hard Chromium Process. The Chromium Plating Technology employed by us produces deposits with Microcrack Density greater than 1000 Microcrack per linear inch. The actual Magnified photographs of the deposit are shown.

With higher Microcrack Density, the cracks are shorter and shallower, which provides superior protection to the substrates under corrosive condition. This holds more relevance in Hydraulics and other outdoor Applications, which are exposed to corrosive atmospheres during operations.

The chromium oxide content in the deposit in high, which results in higher hardness of the deposit compared to conventional deposits. The Hardness of the Chromium Deposit is greater than 900 HV (67 HRC).

High oil retention in the lubricated application provides lower friction, resulting in low wear of the Sliding components.